Breaking News: SAT Cursive Agreement Sparks Debate Among Students

In a surprising turn of events, the College Board and students are engaged in a heated discussion over the SAT cursive agreement. The controversial decision to reintroduce cursive writing as part of the SAT exam has students divided. Some argue it is a necessary skill to learn, while others believe it is an outdated requirement.

The SAT cursive agreement, which can be found here, states that students will be required to complete a section of the exam in cursive handwriting. Proponents of the decision argue that cursive writing promotes cognitive development, improves fine motor skills, and enhances brain connectivity.

One student, Sarah Thompson, expressed her support for the SAT cursive agreement, stating, «Cursive writing is an essential skill that should not be abandoned. It adds a personal touch to our communication and has historical significance.»

However, critics of the agreement argue that cursive writing is no longer relevant in today’s digital age. They contend that valuable test-taking time could be better spent on more practical subjects, such as financial literacy or computer programming.

Tom Johnson, a high school senior, shared his frustration with the cursive requirement, saying, «I barely write in cursive anymore. It feels like a forced task that takes away from studying other important topics.»

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